Saint Hilda's famous last words to her community were, "Have evangelical peace among yourselves."

Phillip and Sarah D.Saint Hilda's House constantly works to live into that charge as we look to share the story of God's love in service, prayer, worship.  We live out that charge in our intentional communities as we learn to live in and share peace.

This work is not inexpensive.  There are costs that are emotional, spiritual, and financial.  We support one another through the emotional and spiritual challenges that come with this intentional life and we hope that you will consider sharing the financial costs with us.

Providing insurance, stipends, food, rent, retreats, reading materials, travel subsidies, and more are all very real costs that we hope you will help us with.  Moreover, every donation we receive helps us place interns with sites that cannot afford to pay the full costs of an intern's stipend.


Saint Hilda's House is ministry of Christ Church, New Haven, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.