Our 2012-2013 Interns

Rick Durance was born in Ann Arbor, MI then moved to Lexington, KY and later Cleveland, OH. After high school, he returned to Ann Arbor to pursue a B.A. at University of Michigan, where he studied modern American religious history.  At UofM, he participated in both Episcopal as well as Lutheran campus ministries as well as led interfaith activism and service organizations.  After college, he spent a summer with AmeriCorps where he worked on the Detroit education system and did faith based community outreach in the city. He then accepted a yearlong placement with San Francisco Night Ministry, a pastoral care and crisis counseling organization, through Lutheran Volunteer Corp.  He is excited to continue his spiritual journey with his fellow members of St. Hilda’s House. 

Carrie Staab grew up in Cheshire, CT just a few towns north of New Haven. She attended Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, studying English and Asian Studies. After graduating she did a year's placement in the UK with the Reconciliation Ministry at Coventry Cathedral, coordinatingand developing the work of St Michael's House, a reconciliation learning center, and working with the Community of the Cross of Nails. Carrie wished to return to her local community for a year of moredirect service and the chance to explore the link between life in community and faith based social action. Her interests include reading, being outside, playing music and cooking.

Kayla Knotts recently graduated with a degree in Geography (emphasizing env. science and social ecology) from West Virginia University.  The previous spring, she finished a month-long internship with the Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust in Malawi (just across the border from Mozambique) and soon after began a year-long position at Colligo House - a permanent supportive housing project in Morgantown, WV.

After graduating with a mathematics degree from the University of Chicago in 2010 Neil Raman returned home to Long Island to work as a private math and physics tutor. During his time at the U of C he was a peer minister at Brent House, the Episcopal Campus Ministry, and an avid participant in Scav Hunt. Upon returning to Long Island he helped found a campus ministry at Stony Brook Southampton and began discerning a call to the priesthood. He is currently a postulant for holy orders from the Diocese of Long Island. His interests include biking, playing the double bass, cooking, mathematics, science fiction, and theology.

David Burman was born in Toronto, Ontario but was raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, and thus is a proud dual-citizen of Canada and the United States. He attended the University of Tennessee, where he majored in religious studies, studied and interned in Gulu, Uganda for a few weeks, and spent a lot of time at Tyson House, a joint Episcopal-Lutheran campus ministry at the university. He is a dedicated fan of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, and, as a result, is well-acquainted with the concept of suffering. However, he is still kept happy by his family, friends, and his other interests, which include the various books of the Bible (especially the letters of Paul), history (all sorts), and trains (he is a huge railfan).

Laurel McCormack is half-Southern, half-Yankee and is returning to the north after 12 years in Georgia. In May 2012, she finished her B.A. in International Affairs at Mercer University in Macon, GA, having also spent time in Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong alternatively traveling, studying, doing service work, and getting to know people. At Mercer, she found purpose in involvement with international student organizations, Model Arab League, service scholars, and with a small congregation that shaped her thoughts about how to live well as a Christian and which eventually led her to a local Episcopal church. She also loves having late-night conversations, baking for appreciative friends, photographing things, tossing a frisbee, and wandering in the woods. She is looking forward to the opportunity to build community, deepen faith, and explore social justice work with St. Hilda’s.

Samantha Butler grew up in Stanwood, WA, about an hour north of Seattle.  In college she found opportunities to follow her dreams to travel around the world.  She studied in South Africa and Mali, as well as Washington, California, Nebraska, and Mississippi.  In May she received her Bachelor’s in Bible and Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Justice and Reconciliation.  Samantha loves reading, learning, traveling, eating, spending time with family, and going on adventures, and she particularly enjoys solitude, silence, and ice cream—though not necessarily together.  She wants to spend the next year learning more about loving God and people, and enjoying the present while figuring out what to do with her future.

Having grown up in Scotland, Edward Watson travelled south to study Philosophy and Theology at Oxford.  Having developed interests in systematic theology and Wittgensteinian philosophy, he now wishes to travel further afield in order to serve others and, through that service, try to develop his understanding of what it is to be a Christian.

Conor Moynihan was born in Longmeadow, MA the youngest of 3 boys. During second grade, his family moved to Rancho Santa Fe, CA where they lived until right before the start of 6th grade when they moved back to the beautiful Berkshires in Western Massachusetts (Lenox, MA).  There he went to middle & high school graduating in 2008.  His first year of college, he spent at Fairfield University (nearby to Saint Hilda’s!) but decided it wasn’t a good fit and transferred before sophomore year to the New School in lower Manhattan where he graduated from this year (2012) with a degree in Economics.  With the recent economic situation that started in 2009, he began to rethink any plans for a career in finance or corporate America in general and began to look to his faith for answers even as he worked with and mentored the mentally challenged.  It came to him in the form of a calling to ordained ministry, which is something he looks forward to exploring in his 10 months at St. Hilda’s.  He’s excited about living in an intentional community and look forward to living a more focused and spiritually conscious lifestyle both during and after the program.

Emily Brazzel is excited to be moving all the way to New Haven, though she knows that leaving her home in Shreveport, Louisiana will be bittersweet. She graduated in the spring of 2011 from Centenary College of Louisiana, a tiny liberal arts school, with a degree in Studio Art and a minor in Psychology. She also graduated from the academic program of the Christian Leadership Center, a campus organization that focuses on helping students find their own ministry regardless of vocational path. Emily enjoys working with children and has been working as a nanny since graduation. She loves to paint, listen to music, walk/drive around aimlessly, and she can cut a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into any shape, animal, or cartoon character. This fall, Emily is excited to watch the leaves change in Connecticut as she begins her internship with Saint Hilda’s House.

Suzanne Amaral was born in Fall River, MA but has spent most of her life in CT.  She has been bitten by the music bug and has been playing and singing since elementary school.  She has been involved in numerous ensembles including the Greater Hartford Opera Ensemble, with which she debuted a Chinese Cantata at the renowned Carnegie Hall.  She attended college as a music education major and is now in the process of exploring missionary work.  Besides being musical, Suzanne enjoys cooking, knitting and crocheting, taking walks, and spending time with friends and family.  She is ecstatic about her internship at St. Hilda’s House and feels truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization!